Tag: Human


  • Genji Miyamoto

    *Muscle Memory (Ex)* -- After years of training, your reflexes have become truly phenomenal. A number of times per day equal to your DEX modifier, when attacked by an enemy, you may make an attack of opportunity. This does not change your place in the …

  • Orfeo Fierro D'Cruze

    *Suppressed Memories (Ex)* -- Ever since that night when your life went sideways, you have been able to see in the dark. You gain Darkvision with a range of 60 ft. You haven't spoken of this to many people because it is a reminder of that night. Once …

  • Brenn Coldwell

    On his very first day in Absalom, Genji came across a young street urchin being savagely beaten by a fruit vendor for stealing from his cart. Feeling the child had been punished enough, Genji told the vendor to stop or face his sword. The vendor laughed …

  • Sing Li Po

    Sing Li Po is a Tian Xia woman and Trademaster. She owns a small shop in the Foreign Quarter of Abaslom that specializes in authentic Tian Xia tea blends. Genji met Sing when he was feeling nastolgic and visited her shop for a taste of home. Sing has …

  • Eideric Crammel

    Eideric Crammel is a junior docent at the Arcanamirium in Absalom. He is currently studying the effects of mixing alchemical compontents with arcane spellcasting. While not the most intelligent of wizards, what he lacks in brains he makes up for with a …

  • Fat Guy

    One of Orfeo's drinking buddies and sometimes rival. He is a skilled gunslinger and has received a Bronze Sword from the Irorium.

  • Misa Destin

    Misa is Sing Li Po's assistant at the Jade Petal. While born and raised in Absalom, Misa is fluent in Tian and a huge admirer of Tian culture.

  • Olivia Arcinegra

    Olivia is cousin/sister/mother-in-law to Vincente Arcinegra. She has been sent to Absalom so she can get close to Orfeo and learn more about him and the demon seed. She should attempt to seduce Orfeo and will hopefully end up pregnant with his demon baby.